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Our Services

  Zoom, phone, and face-to-face appointments are available for professional healthcare workers and non-healthcare clients.  A qualified aromatherapist DOES NOT diagnose or treat disease, prescribe drugs or pharmaceuticals, or perform invasive procedures like surgery or other touch therapies that they are not licensed to perform.

  • We create a personalized blend for YOU or your loved one.
    20 min
    50 US dollars
  • Get a custom aromatic blend to decrease YOUR stress.
    1 hr
  • Essential Oils education for healthcare professionals.
    $100 - $500 estimate

Health Care Professional Education

Virtual or Zoom presentations are available for up to 10 participants in a class. Content can include essential oils for sleep issues, palliative care, or other topics. Times for class vary, just ask!

 More In-Depth Meeting:

Safe evidence-based methods are used for blending an aroma to decrease stress for you! Should you have questions regarding interventions for your clients this can be addressed as well.

 A Simple Meeting:

This can be a call about a question regarding safe essential oil use for you or one of your clients. Evidence-Based Research in aromatherapy will be given to you. 

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