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What is an Archetype?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Archetypes are images and themes collected from our unconscious. Dr. Carl Jung

Why are archetypes important?

They can show you the patterns of your psyche or soul. Once you know who you are you can set healthy boundaries, question your values and beliefs and change your perspective using the tool of archetypes. This can lead to improved mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Archetypes help us understand the energies behind our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. When you become aware of your archetypes and begin to understand how they influence your behaviors, attitudes and mores, you can make better choices in your life. Interestingly, many archetypes are universal across most cultures and groups. You can notice them in stories, art, dreams, images, and fairy tales. Archetypes were first coined by Dr. Carl Jung who wrote about the patterns he witnessed in his psychiatric patients in the early 1900s.

Jung (1947) said images, heroes, and themes from different cultures are identical because they come from archetypes commonly held by the entire human race. You are part of this collective unconscious. Knowing your connection to your archetypes is important, according to Jung. He said our past generations are the basis of the human psyche or soul. Your psyche directly influences your present thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. Once you are aware of your main unconscious patterns, you can focus on changing yourself, should you desire.

"Archetypes are primary forms that govern the psyche" James Hillman

Your archetypes are like the characters in your life story.

Some of your archetypes work behind the scenes directing your attitudes and responses to people, places, and things. They come from inside and outside of all of us. You may know some of your inner characters already. Archetype discovery is a tool to decrease stress and mold your personality into qualities you have always wanted to express but perhaps didn't know how.

Connect with us to learn the basic archetypes that influence your thoughts and behavior.

We can guide you in your self-discovery of archetypes. Check out our services or set up a consultation today. We add the comfort and safe use of aromatherapy to enhance your archetype adventure and help you identify your patterns. You will learn why you are in certain groups or are attracted to certain individuals or places. Aromatherapy is an added tool to support your inner and outer journey with archetypes. The harmony of aromatherapy and archetypes can help you discover your life's purpose to build a more thoughtful and satisfying life. Be the hero of your own life by discovering and using your archetypes for personal and professional growth.

Begin your aromatherapy and archetypal journey today and let us guide you on your new path toward calmness and wellness. Connect with us

Aromatherapy and Archetype discovery are complementary tools for comfort and health. They are not a substitute for your professional medical provider or professional psychologist or therapist.


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