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Yarrow the protector plant

I think it’s safe to say that this pandemic has affected us all. How do we work with the pain of uncertainty as these events change us and our loved ones? How do we deal with the grief and even guilt that comes from suffering the loss of life as we knew it? And how do we possibly cope with the death and illness of others, especially those we love?

Mother Earth herself holds one answer… Essential Oils come from plants that are earth’s healing help for us. Using supportive blended oils can make this painful experience less intense on our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit. Safely blended essential oils can soothe our minds.

Yarrow Plant

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is my main go-to essential oil during this pandemic. It is a perennial herb that grows and is produced in Eastern Europe. Its generic name ‘Achillea’ comes from the story of Achilles the Greek warrior who used the feather-like leaves to treat the warriors’ wounds during the Trojan War. It was valued for its wound healing properties and was used to help alleviate pain and heat from fevers. Eastern medicine uses yarrow for its cool and drying nature and as an herb of protection against disorientation and loss of insight and imagination.

In history, Eastern medicine has used yarrow with other oils such as lemon and cypress to treat viruses causing fevers with headaches. My blend is 2% in sweet almond oil with Yarrow, Lemon, and Lavender. In my experience, this Yarrow blend helps support the process of health during this unsettling pandemic time. Both my clients and I use it as an anointing blend on our hands and forehead for ease and comfort when we pray and meditate.

Cypress tree, lavender flowers and lemon fruit.

Yarrow has also been used to calm the digestive system and support the liver. The yarrow plant with its many leaves and pink or white lace-like flowers has been used for sprains, rheumatism, and poor circulation. As an essential oil, its deep blue color is derived from the chemical chamazulene. Yarrow has been used for unblocking emotions in Chinese medicine, to help when emotional vulnerability can result in grief, blocked tears, and suppressed feelings. Lemon is uplifting and can help lighten perspectives in thought. Lavender is the comforter of anxiety and has been associated with small studies to decrease hot flashes during menopause and decrease infant agitation after vaccination. The subtle power of nature’s calming essential oils can make the changes we all seek to calm and soothe ourselves in this uncertain time.

” If you only say one prayer a day, make it thank you.” Rumi

May we use essential oils for comfort during these changing times. When we understand how to soothe ourselves with prayer, self anointing, and self-care, we can discover peace within ourselves and with others. May the Divine Spirit that grows all living things continue to grow within us.

With prayer place a few drops of the essential oil blend on the palms of your hands. Inhale the soothing aroma for your mind and spirit.

“Yarrow oil can be a valuable ally in helping us let go of the old and allow us to move forward with the new in grace and poise”. Peter Holmes.


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