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Why Choose a Registered Aromatherapist?

Updated: Aug 4

You are getting a qualified person who was tested on a core body of aromatherapy knowledge. This knowledge includes safe use of essential oils, scientific principles and professional conduct in aromatherapy.

Registered Aromatherapists are added to the online international database of ARC Registered Aromatherapists. The RA registration (which is valid for five years) confirms a high quality standard of aromatherapy education. It demonstrates a commitment to the ethical, safe use and administration of essential oils when working with the public.

The Registered Aromatherapist can not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat diseases. The primary goal of the qualified aromatherapist is focused on health and well being using education as the path to public awareness in essential oil use. They do not practice medicine but are able to use hands-on- techniques like reflexology. Lastly, Registered Aromatherapists do not use unsafe administration techniques such as Raindrop Therapy or Raindrop Technique. Their professional ethics and scientific principles hold them to the standards of do no harm.

Barb has advanced education in her nursing career and trustworthy hands-on clinical experience as a clinical registered aromatherapist. Connect with Barb at!

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