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If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves. Carl Jung

Barb Kurkas at at age 5 years old.

We all need to connect more intimately with our Inner Child. Our Inner Child is responsible for the fun in our lives, but too often we feel that we can’t have fun — there’s simply too much to do, or somebody needs help, or we just don’t have the time, or perhaps the worst – we don’t DESERVE to have fun. We haven’t earned it. How often do we listen to the voices of chasing money, fulfilling unrealistic obligations, and continuing to feed unhealthy relationships? How often do we “should” all over ourselves? “I should clean the house, I should go shopping, I should look for a new job, I should be everything to everyone.” The world tells us that this is normal and that it’s the right thing to do, but the key to a healthy and balanced life is to tune out those voices out and tap into our Inner Child for some much-needed fun and self-care.

Archetypes are companions in our life, and when we take time to know and understand them, they provide tools to create balance and peace and help us manage our energy. For example, everyone has had the experience of being a child, playing and laughing and enjoying being in the moment. In adulthood, our Inner Child tells us to take time to play cards, video games, dance, bike, swim, or color or even take a nap. I engage my child archetype when I blow bubbles inside or outside. The kid in me likes to blow bubbles and color with crayons, (and I smell them first, of course!)  I keep Playdough in my office and smell it and mold it in my hands. Each time I play, the child in me helps me stay in the moment.  I truly enjoy the pleasure of just being a kid again. It brings me to a happy place, it resets my priorities, and it allows me to quiet the world, the “shoulds”, and the expectations that are the unhealthy trappings of a busy, modern life. It doesn’t take much to connect with your Inner Child. Your mind, body, and spirit so desperately need it. So, what are you waiting for? Just try it!

“Half of life is lost in charming others. The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others. Leave this play, you have had enough!”  -Rumi

The innocent child in us still yearns to be released. It helps us let go of the guilt of the past and the anxieties of the future. Connecting with our Inner Child archetype and inhaling an uplifting essential oil blend immediately takes us to the present moment, free of the self-imposed worries and burdens of the day. The child in us makes us laugh and ignites our imagination to help us to balance our all-to-busy lives. For those of us who had a difficult childhood or were subjected to critical parenting, it is even more vital to engage our Inner Child archetype to manage our energy going forward. Using specific essential oil blends and connecting with our Inner Child will help us stop being a victim, and it will reduce our long-held burdens of worry, fear, guilt, or shame. So, let’s all tap into our Inner Child and create wonderful playgrounds that heal and bring balance to our lives. Let us help you connect to your inner child archetype using essential oil blends made just for you!

“Essential oils can help in raising self-image by seeking out the hidden reserves we have within us and bringing them forward.”  -Valerie Ann Worwood


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