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Tame Your Victim Archetype with Essential Oils

Updated: May 1, 2022

“The primary objective of the Victim archetype is to develop self-esteem and personal power.” ~Caroline Myss

When we have enough sleep and rest, it’s harder for these negative thoughts to surface. We have the energy to focus our thoughts and actions when we have balance. But when we experience the prison bars of others taking advantage of us, victimizing us with their drama or worries, it can be a challenge to maintain our center. Setting boundaries with others by saying ‘no’ or ‘let me think about what you just asked me to do for you,’ are verbal ways of engaging the positive victim archetype. Another great tool to help us set boundaries and maintain balance is therapeutic aromatherapy.

Applying an essential oil blend daily first thing in the morning can helps manage our thoughts. Choosing a positive attitude first thing in the morning may release the bars of self-pity and feelings low self-esteem. The simple action of apply a small amount of essential oil blend on the chest, neck, or shoulders can uplift and restore the mind each day. This is not an over night change, after 30 to 50 days would be a good time to evaluate your progress. Patience is required.

One of my favorite blends to reduce the power of the victim archetype includes Cajeput Melaleuca cajuputi, Tea Tree Melaleuca alternifolia, and Black Spruce Picea mariana. I blend these oils in an unscented cream lotion at a 2% dilution. The synergy of this blend is uplifting, restorative, and invigorating, even if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. The subtle energy of this blend coupled with prayer, deep breathing and meditation positively influences the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

“Cajeput can bring self-confidence and optimism.” ~Peter Holmes

We cannot control people, places or things, but we can control how we respond to these things by caring for ourselves. We are our own responsibility. We use the therapeutic power of essential oils to help decrease negative thoughts and perceptions. When we engage the positive energy of the victim archetype by using an essential oil blend every day, it helps us make small changes toward liberating ourselves from self-pity and feelings of guilt or over-responsibility for others. Use essential oils every day to care for yourself, boost your confidence, support your health, and tame the victim archetype.

“Aromatherapy carries a message of life and hope.” ~Daniel Penoel


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Photo Credits: Jace & Afsoon

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