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Standing Still with the Pandemic

Slowing down…

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to shake us up. Some of us react instantly, while others take time to think before they respond. Therein lies the rub — there’s a big difference between reacting and responding. So what lessons are we being called to learn? For me, it’s to slow down and be a witness for a while. Being with women in labor and people who are dying has taught me to slow down, to stand still, to wait, watch, and reflect. The desire to slow down, both inside and outside, must be heeded, but how do we do it?

The Midwife Archetype is the symbol of hope.

We can look at the organic, natural patterns in birthing women and actively dying. Patterns point to the truth. Birthing and dying are great gifts, but we must trust nature and God to allow them to be as natural as possible. The same applies to the pandemic. We are being called to trust God and Nature. During birth, death, pandemics, and other times of great change, time stops, and the inner world calls to our soul and says “Pay attention.” Those who choose to enter into their inner world believe their control comes from inside themselves. They are able to cope with shame and fear and be motivated by their faith.  These people rely on and trust in a Divine Love, God, Yahweh, or a Higher Power. In the midst of huge change, choosing to have faith in your body, mind, and spirit helps you cope with the challenges of times like these. This trust in God seems to result in people being able to give birth a bit easier and to die a bit gently and with dignity. Those who choose to grow their inner world allow the natural processes of pain and fear to lead to a calmer resolution toward peace than those who believe their control resides outside of themselves. 

Hope means the belief we can recover from anything and everything no matter what.

Those who experience great vulnerability in birth and death teach us that relying on our inner faith in the Power of the Divine and the natural kindness of human beings is where great comfort can be found. These people of faith and hope are not afraid to engage and express their love of life and human relationships. They use Holy Sources of reading to give them direction. Yes, some are devoted to religion, but most have a personal relationship with a God of their experience. They seem to engage an inner kind of personal authority, much like a midwife who knows the passages and patterns of birth and death. A midwife’s underlying sense of hope seems to come from their awareness and action to respond to God’s natural laws. Archetypes tell the story our souls already know deep down inside. Archetypes are the very language of our souls. Archetypes can help us gain personal awareness of our patterns, and the great news is that we don’t have to wait for death or birth to show us.  

Hope comes forward from the heart to speak encouragement to the soul in times of stress.

We don’t have to wait until the pandemic is far behind either. We can begin to learn and discover why we are here and what we are being called to do during this huge transformational change. Let’s stand still for a few moments together. We have so much creative power and diversity in our faith. We can be creative together as we find hope, but we must take the first steps of self-care and self-awareness. In the next few blogs, we will examine our common archetypes as human beings and essential oils to support our wellness. We start with the patterns of our individual archetypes – the language of our souls.

People who slow down, who turn inward, who listen to their God and themselves remain heroes to me. They trust their God, their instincts, and their faith. The patterns of the archetypes describe the lessons and tasks of the soul’s journey here on earth. I am not an expert, I am merely a privileged witness to the natural laws of nature, silence, and God in birth and death. Being a qualified aromatherapist I add essential oil blends to support the body/mind/spirit in this process of self-discovery during this pandemic. Knowing who we are, and who we are not, seems to be a starting point for our inner world discovery. Get to know your patterns and engage your inner midwife and choose to trust the spiritual principles of our Creator, God, and Divine Universe of Love. 

“You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you.” Vandana Shiva

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