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Seeds and the Power of Choice

Two years ago, my spiritual director planted a seed in my mind, a seed that took root when I first listened to his tapes of Carolyn Myss. I heard for the first time of these things called archetypes, and from that day my life was changed. I went to Chicago to learn from Carolyn the power that archetypes play in our lives. I learned of universal patterns, impersonal thought, beliefs, and behavior patterns that are ingrained in each one of us. I discovered how to identify my own personal archetypes and understand the role they played in my personal life. But as this seed was watered and sprouted, it bore unexpected fruit: a passion to integrate the archetypes into my aromatherapy practice to bring balance to my clients’ lives.

I was being called to understand the power of choice in everyday life using the tools of the archetypes; to help keep a balanced mind and a calm heart in all daily decisions. I began to see that understanding the archetypes is like a key that unlocks a door to our soul, leading us to a deeper, more meaningful understanding of who we are, and what our life’s purpose is.

As the seedling pushed through the soil and found the sun, it just made sense to integrate essential oils into this process. I began to see that the leaves, stalk, and fruit of the plant are the archetypes, but the root of this plant are essential oils. These oils are the grounding force in my life, and I use these oils to soothe my mind and body, to keep calm and clear as I choose my behaviors and actions.

I hope to share the archetypes and oils with you as you grow your own beautiful plant, a plant that will bear great and wonderful fruit for your life.

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