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Essential Oils use with the Fashionista Archetype

Outer Myths and Inner Motives

Did you ever let a bad hair day ruin your entire day? Sometimes all the blow drying in the world won’t hide my grey hair or smooth my cowlicks. I look in the mirror and wrestle with my choices – do I try to fix it and get more frustrated, or do I laugh at how goofy I look and move on with my day? If I choose the first option, I succumb to outward pressures, trying to control the situation to please others. But, if I choose the latter, I surrender to those false expectations and start enjoying who I truly am. Self-promotion, attention seeking clothes, makeup, fashion, and yes, even hair styles, can be a powerful call to our most base desires, to be who someone else expects us to be. Throughout my life I felt the pull of the world’s demands that I have the new fall looks, colors, and style. I needed that sideways glance and approval from others to give me worth and value. To look smart and be well-dressed is a noble thing, but if it is not accompanied by a well-dressed inner heart, trust me, others can spot it a mile away. The cliched myth that the clothes make the person may be true for the outer world’s approval, but the peaceful self-confident person who displays the dignity of a matching inner and outer life holds the true power – integrity.

“The Fashionista’s life journey is to pursue a life that is not about appearance but self-empowerment”.  -Caroline Myss, Archetypes; Who are you?

The fashionista archetype can be seen as a god in our culture. The world reveres pretty models gliding down runways with the latest fashion (and bodies) for us to envy and desire. But we don’t see what’s on the inside. Some of these models maybe hiding eating disorders, anxiety complexes, and fears of not getting their next very high paying job and the accompanying fame. This is an example of the shadow fashionista archetype in our lives. The light side of the fashionista is very focused on dressing her spirit as well as her body. She confidently can wear clothes that have been gently used, complete with a taped-up hem, because she knows who she truly is, even if her hair didn’t turn out the way she expected. The fashionista can point to the inner spirit in all of us by answering the all-important question, ‘are we matching our inside world with our outside world and bringing peace to ourselves with our choices?’ Here’s the trap. If we try to fix our inner fears by seeking power, attention, and self-worth from others or things, it never works.

Patchouli Pogostemon cablin : “Patchouli may assist those with excessive mental activity by grounding and stabilizing the mind when overthinking and worry develop”.  -Gabriel Mojay, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit

On those days I feel fat, notice a stain on my trousers, or have a bad hair day, I turn inward and ask myself what’s really going on. These are good days, because they are gut checks for me to choose my inner self and practice self-care. I pull out a few essential oils to soothe my central nervous system to center and calm my spirit. My favorites include the chill and relaxed attitude of patchouli, Pogostemon cablin, or the strengthening scent of rosewood, Aniba rosaeodora, blended with the mental relief of jasmine and lavender. The blend is then finished with top notes of lemon, Citrus limon, tangerine, Citrus reticulata blanco, or holy basil, Ocimum sanctum. I do make the “fashionista essential oil blend” with a fun, centering, calm prayer as my motive to change the attitudes of irritation and unrest. I usually make a 2% dilution in Rosehip, apricot kernel, and Vitamin E oils as carriers. As we get dressed and prepare for each day, may we choose to wear outwardly our inner self-confident spirit using the colors, fabrics, and fashion that spring forth from true inner contentment and peace.

Essential Oils for the Fashionista Archetype: Patchouli, Lemon, Tangerine, Jasmin, Holy Basil, Rosewood, Lavendar

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