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Essential Oils can be Companions to Help Us Slow Down

Robin at rest

As I followed the fresh paw prints on my nice clean floor, my anger was building. They lead to a sleeping cat sprawled out on freshly torn holiday wrapping paper. Robin, my 16-year-old cat, calmly laid there looking at me as if nothing was wrong, claiming all the ribbons and wrappings as her own. In her world, you see, nothing was wrong. The problem was with me. In that moment, she showed me to slow down and pause when agitated or overwhelmed. She was just doing what cats do, and her mere calm presence was her gift to me. I couldn’t see it at first, but when I looked again at her paw prints, I paused and laid down beside her and learned from her example. This cat is my faithful companion, always seeming to know when I need to slow down, calm down, and just breathe. Robin my cat teaches me unconditional love by her mere presence.

“Companions come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are visible.”  -Breton & Largent

True companions delight in each other’s presence, not presents. They provide a service to the other by not attempting to control, own or manipulate the other person. Our inner companions, especially the Divine Grace of God, teach us that not only is it ok, but vital,

German Chamomile

to slow down, take care of ourselves, or to simply go for a walk in silence — without our phones!

Our companions in life are a source of sublime joy and give us gifts of healing. From our outer companions such as cats, dogs, birds, pets and close friends, to our inner companions of God and our own spirit, we can learn to slow down and stay in the presence of grace. Powerful outer companions include music, plants, art, and essential oil blends. Inhaling just a simple blend of two to four essential oils can redirect our attention to the sacredness of the moment, removing anxious thoughts and replacing them with peace. These blends can help us experience a release of our anxieties and worries much like we feel when petting our dog, listening to a favorite song or looking at a piece of art. Essential oils have companioned many of my clients into states of changed awareness and provided much needed relief from the stresses of a hectic life.

Inula Graveolens

An effective companion essential oil blend for calming is Inula Inula graveolens or Cajeput Melaleuca leucadendron var. cajeputi in a 1% to 3% concentration blended with 1% to 2% of Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis or German Chamomile Matricaria recutita in a carrier oil. The components in each oil act as our companions and, when coupled with silence, can serve to slow us down, help us enjoy our sense of smell, and center us in the present moment.

May we all find what works for us as we journey these holidays with our Inner and Outer Companions. Take time to slow down and appreciate a beloved pet, a close friend, or your devotion to the Grace of God in your heart. May we be companions of joy and gentleness to ourselves and each other this season, and all year long, one moment at a time.

Roman Chamomile

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In vitro antioxidant activities and constituents of Inula graveloens

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