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Lack of Sleep? The midwife archetype can help!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Caring for yourself as you care for others

The Midwife archetype

We placed a drop of Bergamot oil on our index finger, rubbed our thumb, then pinched the Shen Men acupressure site on our ears. We smiled at each other as we inhaled this beautiful oil and felt the release of the day’s worries. This was the opening move for Peter Holmes’s lecture at the Alliance of International Aromatherapists conference in Minneapolis in the fall of 2019, and it was incredible. Our clients were given this simple tool and found it helpful. Shen Men is the Chinese alternative medicine acupressure point called the “heavenly gate”. Shen means “mind” and “spirit”. When pressed a few times, Shen Men acts as a gateway to general wellness. This simple action took no time, it took no effort, yet the effects were immediate and powerful. It was the perfect way to introduce two ancient yet effective tools to help us relax.

Acupressure site for Shen Men

At times, the world can devour our energy and self-esteem. Life events can get the better of us, and at these times we need to slow down and practice self-care as we care for others. The simple act of using oils with Shen Men reminded me of my days as a nurse-midwife. Let’s explore this midwife archetype.

Adversity is the midwife of genius.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The word ‘midwife’ technically means ‘with woman’, but I add ‘with man and woman’. Midwives have been around for centuries providing comfort to women before, during, and after childbirth. However, the midwife’s role does not end there. Midwives provide comfort and care to the entire family from birth to death, men and children included. Aromatherapy is a very important tool in the midwife’s birth bag. It is used to soothe, comfort and calm. Wise midwives teach the younger midwives how to massage and use pressure points on a woman’s body to help relieve stress during the process of labor. Midwives follow the natural energies of the human body and will not interfere unless absolutely necessary. Historically, essential oil blends were used by the midwife even during active dying and death. Midwives are taught how to minister using these tools in both birth and death. We aromatherapists tap into that midwife archetype to empower each other, and we will use this wonderful archetype in our clinical practices wherever we are across the globe.

Prayer is the midwife of mercy, that helps to bring it forth. Matthew Henry

But how can you midwife yourself to calm and soothe your spirit and soul? Use the tools of essential oils reverently and respectfully to deal with stress at work, lack of sleep, or a difficult relationship weighing on your heart. Midwife your heart into a new life. Choose to get help with a resentment. Make yourself a midwife blend for rest. One of my favorite midwife blends is blended of Frankincense Boswellia carterii, Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, and Palmarosa Cymbopogon martinii at 1% to 2% dilution in organic jojoba oil. Frankincense monoterpenes aid with grief, fatigue, and pessimism, (Holmes, 2019, p. 212). Lavender has been the mother of comfort and harmonizes the central nervous system, (Battaglia, 2018, p.367). Palmarosa geraniol restores the energy of the heart and is useful in prayer for discernment. This blend supports the heart, mind, and spirit together. Place a few drops of this blend in your hands, rub until you feel the warmth, and inhale 3 times. Don’t inhale more than that. It can be overwhelming, and you simply don’t need to. Less is more with this very effective blend. Try this with one or two of your close friends in your home or office. Anointing a group of friends with essential oils is not only a powerful act but a truly sacred gift that we would do well to give more often.

Tapping into the midwife archetype is a new perspective on natural self-nurturing.  Self-care for our bodies and minds can help with restful sleep.  Being aware and witnessing how we respond to essential oils before we go to bed is a simple act of naturally nurturing our bodies, minds, and souls. May you midwife yourself today with your own special blend of oils.  May you experience the renewed energy the aromatherapists felt as we midwived ourselves that morning in 2019 as we placed the oil on our “pressure point” of Shen Men. Let us midwife ourselves into the present moment and get some needed rest for our minds and bodies. If you have questions about clinical aromatherapy or would like a guide in your archetype journey, contact us at


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Pictures from Unsplash, thank you!

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