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Why essential oils?

Tools to comfort and restore.

How many times do you care for others and forget about yourself? After all, you're a professional health caregiver. It's who you are. At Essential Oil Therapies, LLC, we know you want to reduce your stress and take better care of yourself, but you just don't have the time or the energy. Caring for others at the expense of yourself can make you feel good for a while, but it can't last. It puts you out of balance and leads to increased stress, anxiety, and even a loss of hope.

Herbal Oils

Unlock Your

to comfort and restore.


"Working with Barb has been invaluable! I am a practicing integrative medicine physician.  Her knowledge and experience with essential oils are unrivaled.  The blend of high-quality essential oils that she created for me has really helped ground and relax me at work and during periods of stress.  I use it regularly!  Also, doing the archetype work with Barb has allowed me to access some of my own deeper insights and provided me with a framework for greater personal understanding.   I cannot say enough great things about my experience!"

— Christy



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